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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I'm really going to do better this time.....

Im always get excited about starting this blog thing and then just being to tired and busy to keep it up is always my problem! But I am going to do better this time...PROMISE!! We just got home from Orange Beach on Sunday..we had a great time, just too short..we usually go for a week but since we are going to Disney World in September, we just decided to do a short trip and save our money for Disney.....It is so hard to believe that school is starting in a little under 4 weeks..we have so much to do before I spent a FORTUNE on the kids uniforms for sweet little Annellise has really outgrown EVERYTHING, so I had to buy it all for her...luckily Harper can still fit in his shorts I just have to get him pants because the ones he has are TOO sweet boy just gets taller and taller everyday but can still wear a 5 year olds pants in the waist.ha...he is SOOO skinny..( I wish I had that problem)
Annellise gets her cast off hopefully on Tuesday the 22nd...since it is her right arm she has not been able to write at all, so we really need it off so she can start practicing again before school has been WONDERFUL having a "swim cast" on has been better for us all....she would cry and cry when we wanted to swim and she couldnt so it ruined everybodys time and it broke my heart! She has been a trooper though...much better than I was 3 yrs ago when I broke my wrist...mine itched and hurt all the time..she has only complained of it itching 1 time...praise God that children can handle situations like that so much better....
This weekend we are off to another baseball tournament...we are having so much fun this season playing with his team...he has such great kids and even if they win or lose it doesnt matter to them, they just love to play and that is really what it is all about! Saturday morning his games start at 9...followed by another at 12...then if we win or lose will decide the times of the next games...the only problem is it is SOOO HOT!!! Luckily the paper said the high for Sat. is in the high 80s so I might can handle that! it is on Lakeland drive so we will be able to come home in the afternoon if time allows and he can rest and "cool down"...
We missed Church tonight and I am so sad....Bert has strep throat and I have had a terrible headache since yesterday...I was really looking forward to going.. I love going on Wednesday nights...its so personal, i just love it....I am going to be a new aunt any day now....I cant wait...another little boy whose name will be Nate...I love calling him "baby Nate" for some reason so who knows if that will stick...he has a big sister named Presley and we are wanting her to come and stay sometime in the next few weeks so Erin can get some rest and adjust to having 2 children under the age of 2 1/2!!!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year!!

I am trying to keep up on my blogging but I stay so busy that it is so hard! I still havent finished putting up my Christmas stuff yet...Bert is hunting and I am home with the kids..we are beginning to g..o a little stir crazy....they have played with all their new toys till they are not now anymore..ha! Harper is loving his laptop and has been playing computer games especially The Simms..that game seems so fun...he makes houses and families and then sort of lives their day to day lives...Annellise got an Easy Bake oven and we got it out to use it last night and NO LIGHT BULB....Im so crazy I knew it needed one but just assummed any one would do, but no, you have to have a certain watt for it to work so in a few minutes we are off to find a light bulb so we can make a VERY small cake!!!
WE had a wonderful Christmas and a fun New Year...on Christmas Eve Bert and the kids went to Cleveland and had Christmas with his family..this was my year of Christmas call and I had to work and got called back in! Christmas morning the kids got up about 7:30 and we had our family Christmas, then about 9 we all went to Alli's and had a wonderful breakfast and presents then everyone came back to our house to check out Harper and Annellise's stuff...then at 5 we headed to Hazlehurst for Christmas at Caki and Pops.....Bert and I had to work Friday and Saturday so we missed the Crutcher Christmas but Caki and Pop took the kids....thank you Caki and Pop!! On New Years Eve everyone came to our house for fireworks and dinner (rice,blackeyed peas, sausage and cornbread) YUM!! Happy New Year!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Its been a LONG time!

Gosh, its been so long since I have posted on the blog...I have been so busy and sort of involved with facebook that I forgot my poor little blog! We have been a BUSY family and time has just flown by since Thanksgiving. I cant believe Christmas will be here in 2 weeks............Speaking of weeks...MY 36th Birthday is Monday!!! Yeah for me!! Just kidding...I am 36 with an 80 year old body ha! Its hard to believe in 4 short years I will be 40--it seems hard to believe, but Bert will be 40 before me!!!
On a better note, IT SNOWED TODAY!!!! I was fast asleep (I usually do this after the kids go to school) and at 8:30am the phone rang...Annellise's teacher was calling to say school was much for my sleep....It was sleeting more than snowing and REALLY cold!!!I also had Payton all day ..boy am I tired!!! All my children do is FIGHT....Do all brothers and sisters fight and when does it end? Not too long ago they played so sweetly together and now they cant be in the same room...It drives me crazy, but on some days they are best friends!!!
Tonight we were suppose to go see Santa at the Ag Museum and ride the carasel and train and hear choirs sing..I was all excited but now I doubt they will have it--it was planned for outside and it is still VERY cold and "musshy"...oh well, I guess Mr. Jingles (our elf on the shelf) will have to talk to santa for them...
Tommorrow Bert and I are going on the 3rd grade field trip to see " A Christmas Carol" at New Stage and then eat at Chucky Cheese..I have to say that it has probobly been over a year or two that I have eaten there but I think I am excited!! I love pizza from there!! Tommorrow night Alli is babysitting and Bert and I are going on a "date" to eat at PF Changs ( I think my favorite place ) and then either shopping or a movie--then Saturday night we are off to the Miskelly Christmas party---Sunday is church and my "family" birthday dinner (Kyle is making homeade chicken and dumplings and mom is making my "birthday" strawberry cake ( She makes that EVERY year--my favorite)....then on Monday (my real birthday) I have to hoo!!!
On top of everything, I still have presents to wrap..I just cant get "into" it...Usually they are wrapped by Thanksgiving but having our house painted and everything being a MESS--I just didnt do it is 15 days till Christmas and they are not done...BUT my Christmas cards are done and mailed!!! So at least that was done! Im off to clean and HOPEFULLY wrap presents ...

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Labor Day...

I saw Ashley do this so I thought I wuold honor of Labor Day I will tell about my "labors"

How long you in labor?
1.with Harper-- 16 LONG hours (but he was out in only 2 pushes thank goodness)
2.with Annellise--45 water broke at 12:30 am and I was 0 cent. and I delivered at
1:15 am ( I was already at the hospital because I was going to be induced at 7 that morning)

How did you know you were in labor?
1.I started having contractions at work and they were about 4 minutes apart water broke

Where did you deliver? Fort Worth, Texas at Harris Methodist Hospital
2. at Baptist Medical Center in Jackson, MS

1. and 2. NONE--I am a real woman..just kiddidng..they tried to give me an epidural with
Harper but they tried for over a hour and could never get it in and with Annellise she came so
fast we never had a chance to try

Who delivered?
1. I had never even met the dr. that delivered Harper--my dr wasnt on call so I had to take who
2. The ER doctor, Dr. Brooks had to come up from the ER and deliver Annellise because my dr.
was in the car driving to the hospital

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Its been a LONG time!

I have been so busy and I do have to admit I am a little addicted to facebook now....its so much fun...A lot has happened since my last blog post....We are in the full swing of school and I have to brag on my son, he has the 3rd highest reading points in his class---YEAH! ( they have to read books on their own time and go to school and take tests on them on the computer..therefore they get points) We are so proud of him...last year he didnt do to good and didnt get to go on the field trip with his grade because he didnt have enought points and it broke his little heart so now he is MOTIVATED and Bert and I have given him a little push--ha---
we had our first football game-we lost of course but my little Annellise sure did look cute cheering on the track during the 2nd quarter....She had 2 birthday parties last Saturday and let me tell you--it WORE me out!! the 1st was at Libby LU and all the little girls had their hair and makeup done..they were adorable! then about 3 hours later, she had another party at Justice and it was the same thing--hair and makeup but it is a store too and Annellise was in the window being a maniquin just a dancing to the was so funny!
Last Sunday I was feeling terrible and ended up running fever of 102--I havent felt like that in a long time..I went to see the allergy dr. on Wednesday for my terrible itching and rashes that will not go away..he said I was weezing and was worried about that more than my itching--anyway, I am on a steriod and antibiotic to clear up all my symptoms and I am having allergy test done on Thursday--I am not excited about that but I am SO tired it itching....
Harper has started fall baseball again (we got a 2 wk break) and we are just waiting to hear about his flag football team and practice schedule...he tried out last Tuesday and did GREAT!!
Annellise starts dancing on Wednesday and we sighned up for tumbling on Fridays...Ever since the Olympics she had done handstands and flips on all the furniture!
My cousin Maggie got married today and she was just beautiful!! I had to get up at 6 am to make muffins today for the bridesmaid breakfast and came home and did laundry and changed the sheets..I am getting nervous about this hurricane...I just pray that we all make it through this---today on the way to the wedding the kids and I were watching all the cars coming north on the interstate loaded full and I just thought to myself how sad they must be to pack up all your valuable things in your car and leave not knowing if you will have anything to come back to--I cant even imagine--I hope and pray that God blesses all those people and that this hurricane is not going to be as bad as they think.... Well I better go to bed, I am worn out!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Busy Week!

well we have gotten back in the swing of things I think---both kids had tests this week and homework...Annellise was so excited that she had homework like Harper and she couldnt wait to get home and do it..I wonder how long that will last...she did it ALL by herself and memorized her Bible verse this week for a grade and made 100 and she was good all week (got her green light pen to wear)---Harper read I think 7 or 8 books this week (maybe more) and took test on them to get 6 points (you have to have 25 by the end of the 9 wks) we had told him if he got 5 points a week he would get a small surprise (he didnt do well on this last yr and didnt get to go on the special field trip--so this year HE WAS going to do it like he should ) the good thing is HE WANTS to do it and that makes it so much more fun and enjoyable---he was SO proud of himself for getting over 5 points....
We are starting baseball AGAIN--I think I only got 2 wks break--he is playing fall ball with his tournament All-Star team, so here we go again---he will play at least 10 games for sure and maybe more! He is also playing Upwards flag football at our church and he is excited about that--he tries out on Tuesday...Anyway that is about all that has gone on..the boys are at the church for the Mans Night and Annellise has been in Hazlehurst with Alli and her kids with Caki and Pop...they are on their way home now....Tomorrow is church and "family time"--Bert is hopefully taking us to Sal and Mookies after church for our "weekly" dinner with our 3 families we eat with EVERY Sunday---its always a lot of fun!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Could it get any worse?

Last week was a VERY stressful week for Bert..he had the grand opening of the new Miskelly store in Madison and there was a big gala Thursday night..I think he said he put in 80 hrs just last week...Anyway, Wednesday morning he had gotten brand new tires put on his truck (something he had needed for a while but just kept putting it off) and stopped for lunch at The Cherokee on I55 before heading to Madison...when he walked out to leave, guess what...NO TRUCK!!! His truck was STOLEN!!! and to top it all off, his wallet was in the truck ( he carries a money clip for his cash in his pocket and doesnt carry the wallet at all times--BIG MISTAKE!!)---not to mention about 5 pairs of pants and a few shirts he had just picked up at the cleaners, 2 guns, his car keys (he uses the push button code to get in and out of the truck), the garage door opener, the keys to his boat and the lock to the boat, a depth finder for the boat, his IPOD, his new Blackberry phone, and Im sure more stuff that he hasnt even thought of.....We thought we had been fast enough canceling all the credit cards that were in the wallet, but these people obviously had a plan..they spent what we have estimated to be about 1500.00 in a mere 30-45 minutes..they went to Target and bought a 700.00 flat screen ( I guess they never checked her ID--that was a woman who did that because they have her on servalence--hopefully they will arrest her today) and they must have just passed out cards to all their friends because they bought gas at lots of different places at about the same time----it just SUCKS!!! and it is such a pain to have to do all the paperwork and WORK of cancelling everything and doing all the runaround! I just feel so violated!! It is scary knowing they can just drive up and come on in with my garage opener and they have our address just by looking at Berts license....I am sure thought they dont really care about that stuff they want the easy stuff like credit cards, guns, and a brand new set of 1000.00 tires on a fairly new truck!!!! I think we have learned a lesson--dont leave anything in your vehicle!!!